Shop Cats of Hong Kong 2022 Calendar by Marcel Heijnen

Licht Ltd

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Marcel Heijnen
Licht ltd
Publication date:
Desk Calendar
One image per page / month
15 x 19.5 x 7 cm
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Back by popular demand, Shop Cats of Hong Kong 2022 desk calendar is being released alongside Shop Cats of China 2022.

Countless stores keep cats, and many store owners believe the enigmatic animals bring good luck to their establishments. Each cat is an essential part of the shops in which they live and hunt and reign as little emperors of their retail kingdoms.

When photographer Marcel Heijnen moved to China he was immediately drawn to these photogenic mousers. And while the cats are undoubtedly the furry celebrities of his photographs, each shot delivers an insightful glimpse into China’s busy retail life. From dried sh and rice to paper sellers and tea merchants, the photographs’ backgrounds present traditional Chinese retail culture in all its colourful glory.


- In English and Chinese
- One image per page / month
- 15 x 19.5 X 7 cm (base)