GoodBusiness Day Finder® 2025 Refill

Copp Clark

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The only financial desk calendar tailored for global FX and derivatives markets, at your fingertips.

Find good business days at a glance.

Global financial institutions rely on Goodbusiness Day Finder® to help them avoid failed trades and lost opportunities caused by inappropriate settlement dates.

  • Each day’s spread instantly indicates holidays, day counts, and forward value dates for one year forward
  • Indicates all future holidays affecting every currency and major global financial center
  • Adheres to the ‘modified following’ protocol and accepted standards of international foreign exchange markets
  • Each spread also includes a 30-year swaps/mid-term table and a daily count-back table counting 12 months back
  • Also includes reference calendars counting 10 years back and 31 years forward


*Desktop Print Calendar
(Base NOT included, please purchase the base here)

Copp Clark’s Goodbusiness Day Finder® financial desktop calendar indicates good business days at a glance.
It lists day counts, value dates, and all holidays affecting every currency and every major bank and financial center, worldwide.

*Additional Features

Both digital and print formats include meticulously researched supplemental resources, including
the World Directory of Bank Holidays® 
   > A comprehensive, easy-to-use directory of all bank holidays that affect global financial markets.

and a 31-Year Swaps & Options Calendar®.
   > A long-term calendar with day counts and holidays for 10 major currencies reaching 31 years forward. As well, an additional 9-year count-back calendar determines day counts to past dates.

*Digital Flip Book Edition

Working from home? In transit? Access the industry’s most reliable financial calendar on your screen, wherever you are.

Includes complimentary access to Goodbusiness Day Finder® Online

The online tool allows you to tailor your calendar to see the latest market-standard holiday data in the way that makes sense for your business. Easily customize day finders, holiday lists, and workday counters to your needs.

Locate the license card provided with your Goodbusiness Day Finder® calendar. 
See January 10—13 in your print calendar (the date will vary year to year)

Featuring Trader’s Day Finder®

Designed specifically for FX traders, Trader’s Day Finder® generates custom settlement and holiday calendars for your preferred currency sets, allowing you to calculate value dates from spot for up to 31 years forward.


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