Chinese Stories

Hong Kong Community Foundation Limited

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Media Mura
Hong Kong Community Foundation Limited
Publication date:
Dec 2022
28.6 x 21.1 cm
Illustrated in colour throughout

China has a history dating back more than 4,000 years—an ancient culture with many fascinating aspects for us to discover. With engaging texts and colourful illustrations, “Chinese Stories” presents a selection of short articles on China’s beloved history, festivals, customs, arts, food, and more, each article taking readers deeper into one of the oldest and widely venerated cultures of our time.

Learn about why people wear red on Chinese New Year, whats considered faux pas for different occasions and festivals, and the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival. Immerse yourself in lesser-known tales surrounding traditional celebrations and artefacts and answer curious questions such as “Why does the Rat come first in the Zodiac calendar?”, “What are the different styles of mooncakes?” or “What are China’s four great inventions?”. Prepare to be enchanted by China’s vast cultural trove and the profound symbols and stories it holds.

A joy to hand down from generation to generation, “Chinese Stories” offers a delightful perspective into this ancient culture that has influenced many of the world’s significant innovations, attitudes, and philosophies today. Each story represents a gateway to fond memories—taking us back to a different time and place while connecting the present with the past.

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